Sunday, 6 March 2011

Get back

Hello everybody, it do much time that I don't write here, but I'd be embarassed it don't know english, but I have to try, because I like learn and I want lenguages, and more thing that now it don't nothing there.
Well, it do three days it was my birthday, the famous sweet sixteen, (para los pijos), for me it is a more year.
Too I continuos without to know to play the guitar and draw, but this last...

I want *-*, and sorry for to be much time without for here u_u, I don't get back do it, I promise ^^.

P.D: Uka, thank you, you have done that I want continuo with this.
Traducción: Gracias por comentar este blog en el tuyo, nadie le había hecho caso, así que gracias a ti me animaré para seguir intentando escribir en inglés :3


Uka said...

No problem! Even if you have to improve your english, you don't have to feel embarrassed about it! =)
Nice to know you will continue this blog! I'll be waiting your posts!

Light Shine said...

Thank you ^^