Monday, 7 March 2011

Good morning, for the morning ^^

I want to go at the EOI, but there are a problem, the next cours I will do Bachillerato, If my teacher of maths he pass me, that this is other, and I say it, that the notes are very important for selectividad, because, I want to study for to be teacher in the primaria school, but the note is 7,42 o.O, and I 'm not Enstein, but I have that to try, but I have got a plane B, History, because, I like it.
But of moment I am in 4º of ESO and the only I want it is pass.
A things that yesterday I said is that the video is of Gothic Paranoid, Miriam Frías Ferrer, you find she for Google.

I replay once again and again, but I am bad for to know lenguages or play something instrument (there aren't nothing now that there with I am saying it), but I want learn, I replay a day and other, I know, other day I will say something more interesting.

Song of the film Three meters about the sky n_n

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Uka said...

Hey! That's great that you want to go to the EOI! I also tried twice to get in: the first time was when I was on 4ºESO, because I wanted to learn German, but I finally refused to do it because I wasn't feeling very well that year and I really wanted to be concentrated on school only. The following year I tried to join some English lessons, but they kinda cheated on me, so they didn't let me take those lesson that year =S. Next course I will try to join again, but only for German! I'm so excited.
Anyway, I think any extra activity can be fine if they don't take you away from the course. If they do, you should stop doing them and focus on school. It's hard but everyone can do it, believe me =).