Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Again for here

Hello everybody, after of much months without to write nothing for here, today is a perfect day for to back, well I am not sure, but it give the same, because I am here for to begin again in this blog.

Well, do you remember that I wanted to go at Oficial Language School, then I am not going, why? Because I was many frightened for Bachillerato, especially for the maths and until now I have been so so good, but this month I am going worse for the that I imagine that soon I will go, but now, I prefer it forget me of this.

Right now I am very happy, why? Because I get back here, I have published in this moment a post in my other blog and nothing more to give it at the button of publish I have received two coments and this like me.

I hope to find people so good as the that I have met here, because you are wonderful, thanks you.

P.D: Tomorrow, I am going to publish other post, but with music, after much time ^^

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