Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Other more day

Hello people, today I am tired, it has been a long day.
For to begin, yesterday tonight only I slept four hours, If I am nervious, in the school, it has been boring day, I haven't done new nothing. When I arrived to my house, I ate and often I was doing to mathematics academie. When I get back to my home, I have studied √Čtica, I have done my homework and now only I want it is sleep.
I believe that if I got to good thing the of to go at EOI, it will be hard.
And too I think that all the days I will leave a song, the BSO for my feels ^^.

"Cause, you have a bad day, you takin one dawn...(8)"

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Silhouette said...

School is always reaaally boring, xD. You're in 4th of ESO? Don't complain, Bach. is worse!!
Well, if you want to study english in the EOI, do it. Do you know what? You MUST figh for the things you want because, if you don't do it, you're lost (and I talk from my own experience). About the last post... 7'42 it's not a high mark! In Alicante, Biology's mark is about 9 (with the new system, of course). You know, if you want, you CAN. I promise, I'm living it.
And I like the song, I've listened it on the realdio for over an eternity, but because of the melody I thought it would be happier...